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Bongs, which are known as hookah are instruments that are utilized to smoke tobacco or pot. A bong has a separate or various items that are utilized to smoke. The vapor or smoke of either tobacco or cannabis is let through a glass bowl and breathed in by the clients. Smoking tobacco or cannabis through a bong offers a superior feeling than combustion of the two without water. Bongs have been utilized for hundreds of years. Individuals who utilize them express enhanced fulfillment amid smoking.


The utilization of the hookah was unique in Persia. It is at that point that it was spread to Egypt where the instrument was idealized and received around the world. Utilization of bongs or the water pipes as they were famously known has been the most loved for so many years. The outlines and materials used to make the bong have advanced. The one thing that has stayed consistent is the water pipes. Bongs come in various shapes and sizes. Illustrations incorporate the straight measuring tubes, perc bongs, strong bongs and the recyclers.


Bongs have their particular components attached to them. They include removable, an alternate body outline and an ice catcher. The ice catcher is utilized to cool the smoke and give the smoothest hits. Water pipes are accessible in different sizes relying upon the breadth of the basic sizes on the stems. It is fundamental to pay respect to the water pipes since they pass the smoke to the client. Glass bowls and fiery filters are different adornments which make up the bongs. The points which the slag filter are put at are additionally important. Joints on the stem should be inclined at forty-five degrees.


The things which are consumable when using the bong are the tobacco and cannabis. The most widely recognized are tobacco. Usually known as shisha in a neighborhood joint, shisha is a blend of tobacco syrup, molasses, glycerol which has unique flavors. Shisha comes in different flavors which incorporate guava, lemon, apple, mint and different natural product base flavors. None-tobacco bases shisha is accessible in places where smoking of tobacco is not permitted. Know more about water pipes at



Bongs use charcoal as the wellspring of vitality. They create warm that is exchanged to the bowl to produce smoke. Coal utilized as a part of bongs is hard, having a high thickness, simple and consumes for a prolonged period. If a bong has been smoked for a long time, the smoke inside is viewed as stale. The old smoke is undesirable and causes a stifling feeling.