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 So your thinking of taking a cannabis vacation but not sure where to start? Well we have some resources for you so you can have a great vacation this year. Fist off you will need to find some cannabis friendly lodging, that can be a chore but visiting these sites we will have later in the article will help your journey. So will you take a bud and breakfast or cannabis friendly hotel? You can also find some rooms for rent from 420 friendly people who have some extra room. You can also get a nice vacation home as well. These are a lot of choices if you look in the right places. A dependable and informative marijuana vacation guide is what you need.


Then your going to need some activities for your stay, here again you have so many choices. You could be a city slicker and hang out in the metro, or do you head to the county and be one with nature. Most green states have some type of cannabis tour, these are a great way of getting high and seeing some great stuff on your adventure, now a lot have made some lame laws on consumption in limos, busses and the like... even though Colorado has not had a problem in the 3 years they have had tours. But you can also find cannabis friendly paint classes, ceramics, cross stich? Yep. There, are also some places that have cannabis clubs like in Colorado Springs, and in Portland also. You have the option of all the normal activities and attractions too. So make sure your responsible and careful with your trip. 


Munchies, you will need to eat so we suggest you always get a few places lined up before you go , so look up some places on Yelp and plan a few for your stay. Most great cities in the green states have great eateries. Be sure to go off the beaten path as well and try some stuff out of your norm. Food trucks are my favorite as you can get some very gourmet food for very reasonably price. Ask a few locals too, this will give you some great insight to what to stay away from.


Weed, you will need to get some weed for your stay, so make sure you locate a few recreational dispensaries near by to keep your supplies up. But don't buy to much as you can't take it back with you. These cannabis dispensaries have a great selection of products for you, so pick up a gram of this and that and a few edibles and how about some hash also!!


Check out the local glass shops too, I like to pick up a small pipe from each state so to have some souvenirs on the shelf. The glass shop Illuzion Glass Gallery in Denver is one you have to check out, This glass shop has a million dollar pipe in it. You can also stock up on any supplies you need as well from papers to a new banger or vaporizer.


Whatever state you choose to go to make sure to follow all of the marijuana laws so not to run into a bad time while your there. Don't try to bring anything back, be a responsible adult and have a great time on your marijuana vacation.  For more information follow this link.